ICT4 Social Inclusion for the International Safer Internet Day

Today is the #InternationalSaferInternetDay aimed at promoting a more responsible use of online technology!

To celebrate this day we’d like to share our good practices and tools created for teachers and youth workers to improve awarness about social inclusion through information and communication technologies.

For free download materials (educational toolkit, mind map, guidelines) https://ict-inclusion.eu/outputs/


Today in Italy is the national day against #bullying and #cyberbullying …so it’s time to remind you that our role-playing game FIGHTING SOCIAL EXCLUSION is available as a free download

– ITALIAN VERSION: http://www.cooperativacameraasud.it/downloa…/il-gioco-it.zip
– ENGLISH VERSION: https://ict-inclusion.eu/outputs/

A complete kit with rules, activities guide and game materials (situation cards, characters, etc.) to raise awareness on social inclusion by actively involving young people through the identification and simulation of real life situations!

The game comes from the ICT for Social Inclusion project and it is the result of the work of a European network of partners aimed at promoting social inclusion through information and communication technologies. For further information and other materials: https://ict-inclusion.eu/outputs/

ICT For Social Inclusion Photo Contest

“ICT for Social Inclusion photo-contest” is an International photo-contest aimed at promoting social Inclusion: it will be opened on the 4th of November till the 20th of December 2019.

The contest can be participated in group or by single persons: follow the instructions here explained and..finger crossed!

You can win a camera “Instax WIDE 300” and 100 poses.

How to participate? Just follow the instructions:

1) Choose a situation card to be represented. Don’t you know what is a situation card? Please, follow the link, download the Game  Reality Game – Fighting Social Exclusion and find out the situation cards!

2) Once you choose the situation to represent, just take a picture. It can be taken in your every-day life or you can prepare a set, choosing your friends as characters: It’s up to you.

P.s. Please, keep in mind to warn people figuring in your picture that it will be part of a contest and will be published on Instagram!

3) Now you’ll have to upload it on your Instagram profile preceded by the following Introductive Cover:

4) In the introductive cover story:

  • Write which situation card you represented and, if you want, write a title;
  • Tag every participant of your team and put the flag of your country;
  • Use the official hashtag of the project #ICT4SOCIALINCLUSION;

5) It’s not finished yet! On the 25th of January 2020, you have to post this work (picture + introductive cover) as an Instagram story, so that we can have a critical mass of all participants and raise awareness about social inclusion!

6) All participants will be evaluated by our commission and only one team or individual will be declared WINNER OF THE CONTEST AND AWARDED one week after the end of the contest!



Youth policies for a sustainable and participatory society

See you the 28th of october at 17:30 – Cittadella degli Artisti (Molfetta, Italy)!




An afternoon to talk about youth policies for a sustainable and participatory society: a valuable opportunity for sharing and presenting our TOOLKIT FOR YOUTHWORKERS and the project ICT FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION“!

Talking about ICT for social inclusion in Plovdiv!

Sharing work, ideas and energies with partners in order to:

– evaluate the activities of the last few months

– spread and tell our toolkit to schools in Bulgaria

The monitoring meeting and the final conference of the #ICT4SOCIALINCLUSION European project 16-17 October in Plodvid, Bulgaria .

Stay tuned!

New website available!

ICT for Social Inclusion has a new website!

Visit us frequently to learn about the new activities and results of our project.

ITC for Social Inclusion_Training (8-15 maggio, Bisceglie)

The tale of the eight intense days of training within the European project “ICT For Social Inclusion” through the words of the protagonists. Launched on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 in Bisceglie, the initiative aimed to train 20 youth policy practitioners on the themes and tools of social communication for inclusion. An intense experience of collaboration and exchange of good practices involving a group of young youth workers from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, France and Italy.

What was the final objective of the training? The creation and dissemination by the participants of a European communication campaign in support of intercultural dialogue and the fight against racism and intolerance.

“ICT For Social Inclusion” is co-founded by the Erasmus +/Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. KA2 – Strategic Partnerships in the field of education, training and youth.

InternationalTraining_Working on ICT For Social Inclusion

Sharing good practices and improving skills in ICT for social inclusion!
The training of our Erasmus+ project “ICT for social inclusion” has just started!
Stay tuned!!!

ITC for social inclusion_Kick Off Meeting (Molfetta, 9-10 Gennaio 2019)

With the kick off meeting, the activities have finally started!

Two intense days of work with our European partners Inercia Digital (Spain), Citizens In Power / Πολίτες Σε Ισχύ (Cyprus), Digijeunes (France) and WalkTogether (Bulgaria). “ICT For Social Inclusion” is co-founded by the Erasmus +/Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. KA2 – Strategic Partnerships in the field of education, training and youth.

Stay tuned 


Kick Off Meeting_Working on the ICT Training

#facilitation #networking and #ict: these three words recap the KickOff meeting held on January in Camera a Sud offices. Along with Camera a Sud, in facts, we designed an “itinerary” of EU projects aimed at promoting non-formal #education as methodology to nurture the active #citizenship.

In the same project – ICT for Social Inclusion – it is already active a call to select participant for the Training to be held on May 2019.

Stay Tuned and follow the Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/ictforsocialinclusion