ICT For Social Inclusion Photo Contest

“ICT for Social Inclusion photo-contest” is an International photo-contest aimed at promoting social Inclusion: it will be opened on the 4th of November till the 20th of December 2019.

The contest can be participated in group or by single persons: follow the instructions here explained and..finger crossed!

You can win a camera “Instax WIDE 300” and 100 poses.

How to participate? Just follow the instructions:

1) Choose a situation card to be represented. Don’t you know what is a situation card? Please, follow the link, download the Game  Reality Game – Fighting Social Exclusion and find out the situation cards!

2) Once you choose the situation to represent, just take a picture. It can be taken in your every-day life or you can prepare a set, choosing your friends as characters: It’s up to you.

P.s. Please, keep in mind to warn people figuring in your picture that it will be part of a contest and will be published on Instagram!

3) Now you’ll have to upload it on your Instagram profile preceded by the following Introductive Cover:

4) In the introductive cover story:

  • Write which situation card you represented and, if you want, write a title;
  • Tag every participant of your team and put the flag of your country;
  • Use the official hashtag of the project #ICT4SOCIALINCLUSION;

5) It’s not finished yet! On the 25th of January 2020, you have to post this work (picture + introductive cover) as an Instagram story, so that we can have a critical mass of all participants and raise awareness about social inclusion!

6) All participants will be evaluated by our commission and only one team or individual will be declared WINNER OF THE CONTEST AND AWARDED one week after the end of the contest!



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